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      Butch Cassidy and his Wild Bunch gang of outlaws made this area of Utah famous in the late 1800’s when they chose the endless maze of canyons in this area as a place to stash their riches and take refuge after robbing banks and rustling cattle and horses. At one point, it was rumored that the Roost was protected by an army of outlaws manning a hundred canons and a thousand guns, and any lawman foolish enough to enter would be lucky to find the well hidden thieves, much less make it out alive.
      However, Robbers Roost holds secrets far beyond the tales of lethal outlaws and smoking six guns.

      This area is also rich with native history and energy.
      Petroglyphs engraved on the sandstone walls along with historical artifacts left behind by native tribes that inhabited this area thousands of years ago provide a stunning look into the past at what is revered as one of the most mysterious and studied tribes of the southwest: The Anasazi, or “Ancient Ones”.