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      For those that have experienced the healing power of nature, firsthand, this is not an ideology, rather the lifeblood from which we continue to thrive.

      At Air & Opportunity Adventure Co., our mission is to provide one-of-a-kind exhilarating wilderness experiences that bring out the greatness within you. Whether you are in search of a day-hike, overnight trip, or multi-day expedition, our custom-built trips have something for every walk of life, and every skill level. From weekend getaways to a self-discovery missions- we’ve got you covered.

      At A&O, adventure with peace of mind knowing you are in great hands:

      Our guides are first aid and CPR trained at a minimum, with years of experience in the outdoors in extreme weather and adverse terrain and conditions.

      Each trip is exclusive to you and your party. No add-ons or mixed groups. This ensures every last detail is accounted for, from physical and dietary restrictions, to ensuring you and your group have the most incredible and memorable adventure possible.

      With safety and fun in mind, we work with the United States BLM, National Parks, and private land owners to provide once in a lifetime experiences by giving you access to some of the most remote and hard to reach places in the United States.



      From the booming festival stages and roaring crowds, to the quiet serenity of the Colorado mountains and Utah Canyons, Sam Riggs has found a balance in his nomadic lifestyle through music and the outdoors.

      Born and raised in St. Cloud, FL, Sam left home at the age of 18 to pursue the dusty chase of a career in music. After years of writing, touring, singing, and giving all he had on stage each night, he found himself empty and far away from the woods and wetlands of south central Florida that he loved so much. He struggled deeply with addiction, depression, and anxiety. So began his search for balance, rejuvenation, and healing. After embarking on an epic journey down the The Narrows in Zion National Park with his brother in 2015, Sam returned home with a rekindled passion for adventure. Reminded of the value of time spent in the outdoors, he swore to create a platform to spread awareness of the emotional and mental benefits of wilderness experiences and thus was born the Air & Opportunity Adventure Co., named after a saying his father used:

      “There’s nothing standing between you and what you want in life except for air and opportunity. Take a deep breath and go get it.”

      Over the years, Sam has trained, studied, gained invaluable experience as an outdoor guide, and developed a company that is truly the product of his own heart and exists solely to help people become the best versions of themselves through epic adventures and solitude in the wilderness.

      “It’s my calling- To find a way to pass this torch so that other may find their way through the shadows.”