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      Getting to our jump off point, Moab, can seem overwhelming for some folks, mainly because it is such a beautifully isolated little desert town. FEAR NOT!
      Moab’s airport is actually pretty high tech, and they accommodate a commercial flight through United/ Skywest almost every day! Depending on where you’re flying in from the pricing can be a little inhibitive, so we suggest flying into Denver on Southwest (saves a few hundred bucks sometimes), and catching the United/Skywest flight from Denver to Moab. If you’ve checked a bag, you’ll need to pick it up at baggage claim and re-enter security to get to your gate. If you’re flying on United the entire time, there’s no need to do this as they’ll just transfer your bag for you. You can also fly into Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, or any other nearby major city and rent a small car to drive to Moab. If none of these options seem good for you, there’s always the good old fashioned road trip!
      Feel free to email us with any questions regarding travel, and we’ll be happy to give you our input!